News & Events - AII KICK-OFF EVENT (12th December 2019)

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The strategic programme Access India Initiative (AII), promoted by the Indian Embassy in Italy, which named Octagona as Knowledge Partner, plans to imprint a significant acceleration to business and economic-commercial development between Italy and India and is included in the broader Make in India national programme; AII has been officially launched in the event held in Milan on December 12 in which all players involved illustrated AII features, objectives and deployment methods and gave interested companies all the information and resources they need to evaluate their participation in the project.


The schedule involved the intervention of Indian Ambassador in Italy, Reenat Sandhu, who focused on indian-italian economic relations and on the fundamental role played by the city of Milan and Regione Lombardia in those relations; then Shyam Chand (Second Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Rome) and Alessandro Fichera (Managing Director, Octagona) introduced AII programme, followed by Varda Tanejia (Assistant Vice President, Invest India) who focused on the subject of investment promotion in India. Alessandro Terzulli (Chief Economist; SACE) was the Keynote Speaker of the event and he focused on Indian present economic scenario, its collocation in the global context and on the reasons why companies should take into consideration India’s investment opportunities.


Subsequently, the roundtable moderated by Gianluca di Donfrancesco (Sole24Ore Journalist) allowed a confrontation between entrepreneurs and managers working in India: during this debate they shared their experiences, opinions and success stories about Indian market, his characteristics and business dynamics. The participation of Alessandro Spada (Vice President, VRV Spa), Rita Malavasi (Senior Consultant, Octagona), Nicola Possagnolo (Partner, Noonic), Filippo Monastra (Chief of Staff, Kaleyra) and Riccardo Pontiggia (Manager, Tensacciai) was also scheduled during the roundtable.