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The first interactive Webinar regarding the training activities for the Access India Initiative was done on the 7th of May 2020.

During the conference call the following speakers introduced the main topics:  

- Mrs. Reenat Sandhu – Ambassador of India

- Mr. Shyam Chand C. - Second Secretary Economic & Commercial Section Embassy of India in Italy

- Alessandro Fichera - Managing Director Octagona

- Rita Malavasi - Senior Consultant Octagona

- Vishnu Krishna - Chief Operating Officer Octagona India

In the first part of the conference call, Rita Malavasi introduced Mrs. Reenat Sandhu who welcomed the participating companies and provided an overview about the current Covid-19 emergency in India by indicating the opportunities that the Indian market can currently provide in this emergency. She also introduced the importance of the Access India project to support the Italian companies to access into the Indian market for the first time.

Subsequently, Mr. Chand provided important information on the market trend by underlining that even in this emergency the country is projected to a higher growth than that of China. Then, he described the performance of the main sectors and provided important information regarding the incentives for the companies that intend to invest in India.

Furthermore, Vishnu Krishna explained the official data on the state of emergency Covid-19 and on the forecast of the economic growth and he defined important information about the main sectors that will grow in the near future in India, which are:

- Manufacturing
 - Automotive
- Electronics
- Hotelier
- Healthcare
- Media & Telecommunication

The conference call was concluded by Alessandro Fichera who summarized and analysed the main issues of the Webinar and introduced the website Access India Initiative which contains information that will be useful for the italian companies to discover the opportunities of the Indian market.

During the final part of the Webinar, the italian companies had the opportunity to present themselves and to describe their activities and objectives.